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1 year ago

American-Belgian businessman arrested over "blood diamonds"

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Tens of thousands of individuals died during the West African country's civil battle from 1991 to 2002, throughout which boxers compelled civilians to mine so-called "blood diamonds.".

ABIDJAN, Ivory Shore - A legal help company claims Spanish authorities have actually apprehended a businessman with twin American-Belgian citizenship that is implicated of slavery and directory also pillaging "blood rubies" during Sierra Leone's civil war.

Civitas Maxima, a Geneva-based organization that provides lawful representation for victims of battle resource crimes, claimed in a declaration late Saturday that Michael Desaedeleer was arrested last week. It claimed a grievance submitted by numerous Sierra Leone people in 2011 in Belgium details his criminal offenses in Sierra Leone's eastern Kono click to find out more area between 1999 and also 2001. Civitas Maxima said it was the very first time a business person had been apprehended for making use of the rubies.

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1 year ago

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